Academy West Animal Hospital Boarding & Grooming

"Where your pet is our priority"

                                Bow Wow Bed and Breakfast

      We recognize that staying away from home can be a strain on both pets and their families. It is our goal to make them feel at home and provide tender, loving care while they are here boarding with us. Our kennel techs treat all of our boarders as if they were their own.

We board dogs and cats on a regular basis; however, we do provide boarding services to some exotics, hamsters and rabbits/bunnies. Please call for availability. We provide blankets, raised cot beds, and adult dry dog food for the dogs. For felines, we provide litter boxes, bedding, litter, and adult dry cat food. If you wish for your pet to remain on their normal home diet, we will be happy to feed their own food at no additional charge.  

 We ask that if you bring any personal items such as blankets, toys, or beds that they can be labeled somewhere with a sharpie. This is because sleeping quarters get cleaned several times a day and items can get lost or misplaced. Please no chew bones or rawhide's due to the possibility of them becoming choking hazards.


 Dog Boarding 

 We have a large, grassy, and enclosed boarding yard. Dogs are walked twice daily for 10-15 minutes at a time to stretch their legs and run around with their kennel tech. We do not let our boarding dogs off leash or let them mingle with other non-family members while outside for their play time.


 You can pay for additional walking/play times if desired. We have small (3 x 8), medium (3 x 12), and large runs (3 x 15) available for dogs. Our facility is an indoor kennel that is temperature controlled (heated and air conditioned). We have classical music playing all day and night for the dogs, so they feel relaxed in the new environment.    

  Cat Boarding 

We have spacious cubicles for our feline boarders.


We require current vaccinations for both dogs and cats to board at our facility. For dogs we require DA2PP, Bordetella and Rabies be up to date. For cats we require FVRCP and Rabies to be up to date and recommend FeLV.

However, if vaccinations are not current at the time of drop off, arrangements can be made for them to get done at the time of boarding. We will provide frontline at the time of drop off for an additional fee. 


Additional Services while boarding

 Medications given while boarding

Additional exercise

Grooming, Kennel Baths

Nail trims

Special Feeding


Frontline recommended, but not required.

First time boarders are required to pre-pay all charges in advance upon check-in. Please allow yourself and our staff a minimum of 15-20 minutes for check in. Holiday deposits are required at the time of reservation (non-refundable, unless given a 72-hour notice). All deposits are deducted from your final boarding bill.