Fun Adoption Photos Fun Adoption Photos April "I now live with Dr Ratke!" 50009343 I was left at the clinic doors and luckily I found a home just in time for the holidays! 50009344 Alvin "I now live with my new parents who I sleep in between every night!" 50009345 New Borns! "We each found great homes!" 50009346 Yay I found a home! After living with the loving staff of Academy West for over a year, I finally found my new mommy! 50009347 I was a stray... "But now I have a home! Thanks AWAH!" 50009348 Butters "I went home with one of the many clients who walk through the doors at AWAH" 50009349 Phoebe AWAH took care of my babies and me! 50009350 Tomatoe was my name, but now I have a new home! 50009351 I was shy at first.... but then AWAH helped me to love people and find a home too! 50009352 Purrrfect Cat Thank you for giving me a chance and taking me home! 50009353 I was abandoned thankfully I was found by a new family to love me! 50009354 My unique features... led me to a new home after AWAH rescued me! 50009355 Lucky me I got pampered and groomed so I could find a new home! 50009356 Beemer My parents are clients of Academy West and I now get to visit often! 50010200 Eric My new family loves me so much! 50010144 Sebastian I waited a while for a new home, but I finally found one! 50010201 I was known as Munchkin I went home with a new family and another maine coon to play with! 50010202 Baby aka Tinkerbelle An AWAH employee found me with a broken leg. Dr Kimmel mended me back to health, now I play with the kids in my family everyday! 50010203 I was found on the streets and now I have a home! 50010204 October "I loved it at AWAH- they treated me like the Princess I am!" 50010801 Brothers and Sisters We eaach found a home!!!! 50010802 Twins We both found a home no problem becasue we are soooo cute!! 50010803 Rudy "I came to AWAH in very bad shape... I was sick and an employee gave me a home!" 50011038 Mr. T "Dr Kimmel gave me a home!" 50011269 Zombie "My mom has worked at AWAH for many years, but her first year there she couldn't resist me!" 50011109